Remote work

Contact with others

Basic element of remote work is contact with other people (clients, colleagues…). Its evidently, but lets take a review of few basic tools for communicate.

Basically we need to have internet and phone. In this order. Thanks to the internet we can use on-line tools for work and also have a phone call, meetings and videocalls. Certainly there are few proffesses which just needs only a phone for their job. But for most of people is internet main condition for working this way.

Price of phone calls and mobile datas are for EU citizen luckily for same price as in therir home country. In other countries there is reason to buy pre-paid SIM card. Often there are much advantageous than roaming.

Besides of phone there are usefull tools and applications for free communication. Platform independent (Windows/Mac, Android/Apple).


Popullar mobile and desktop app for phonecalls, videocalls (group videocalls to), chatting, transfering files and also screen sharing.


Its free mobile application from Facebook for chatting, file transfering, phone calls and videocalls. Including conference call. You can use WhatsApp also in your desktop with their application (without calling from desktop). Big advantage of WhatsApp is their popularity. It is used by over two billion people worldwide.

Google Meet

This service is used by Google for videoconferencing – remote meetings. Including screen sharing. You create a meeting, then sent a link to the participants, and on-line meeting takes place in the web browser.

The Internet makes connecting with others easier than ever. The virtualization of communication is related to work with data and their sharing. This will be the next article.

By Jan Barbořík

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