Remote work

Data management for remote work

It’s long time ago when we only had data on our computer. Now we move all data into the cloud to the Internet. Biggest advantage of cloud storages is, that the data is backed up in case of a hardware problem. And also you can easily share your files with others. How to do it?

Google Drive

Easiest way to backup your data (if you are Google user) is Google Drive. It’s available cloud storage to store, share and edit of your files. Google Drive free (with limited space) and you can bay extra space.

For computers (Windows and Mac OS) you can download app to connect Google Drive like another hard drive. All files from this folder/drive will be synchronized with your cloud and other devices. There is app also for phones (Android and iPhones) to access your data.

Added value of this system is possibility of on-line editing text documents, tables and presentations (include commenting and sharing).

I personally don’t like this way of syncing, when data takes my hard drive space with copy of cloud content.


My favorite data management tool is Dropbox. It’s available in free version, but IMHO it definitely makes sense to pay for it. It provides lot of space, mobile and desktop app (same as Google Drive) and finally (this is the best thing) SmartSync function. It’s really cool feature that enable you to choose, which files you want store only on cloud and which you want to have still downloaded on your device. If you have to open file stored on cloud, it downloads to local drive and open in app. All changes of files (editing, name changing, moving) are immediately moved to cloud. And last cool thing – you can create download ling for files or for folders directly from Finder (or File explorer).


Another cloud storage is Microsoft OneDrive. Except file storage it offers additional update to Office365. On-line document editors Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Personally I don’t have any experience with that.


The last of most popular storage services is Apple iCloud. Its free for Apple devices owners (in limited capacity). You of course can pay for extra space. IMHO it’s OK for continuous backup of less data and sharing them between my Apple devices, but it is not best solution for routine work or for freelancing. Big problem is also for me with type of syncing – all files are primary stored on cloud and you have to download the file first to can open it. It is not solution for fast work with files, only for simple continuous backupping.

For remote work is necessary to keep your data safe and be able to simply work with them. And be prepared to lost or damage your device (laptop / tablet / phone) and still can access your data from another device and don’t have to abort your work. Ideally only switch to another device and keep working.

By Jan Barbořík

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