Remote work

Remote work

It’s phenomenon of few last years. As a consequence of stronger internet and growing globalization, labour market changes to. And way of work changes to. In some disciplines, there isn’t necessary to sit in office in specific place. It’s possible to work from anywhere. Work is changing and our lives are changing to. And this blog is about that.


I have 14 years of experiences from graphic design studios, advertise agencies and big company. I always dreamed about freelancing – just to try it… After few years of hesitation I started part-time freelancing during employment. Like a freelancer graphic designer, webmaster and marketing specialist. After five years I decided to leave company and become 100% freelancer. I have been talking about that in this interview with Jiří Rostecký (in czech only).

I was working from home – it suits me. I haven’t problem with focus on work or with procrastination. I still enjoy my job. I am lucky person to can work from anywhere. So only if I have any laptop and internet connection of course. 😀 I am not fan of working from coffees, but I like the opportunity to be free from one workplace. After all, the world is so big…

I’m sure to live in Czech Republic. I definitely like it here. But it is good to have comparison of more lifestyles. It’s only way to be sure to live best life I ever can have. And labor market is still growing – for me at least the european one. It’s ordinary for most projects or company to coordinate with people from different countries or continents. This is present world. It is necessary to have hard skills and ability to offer.

I started to prepare my business to this way of cooperating and often traveling. People around me are interested in that and asked me for more informations. So I started to write this blog and describe here tools, observations and tips for remote work. And also to improve my english skills – this is why it is written in two languages.

More about me, my job and another posts (in czech only) you can find at my website

By Jan Barbořík

I am a freelancing marketing specialist with an overlap in graphic design, web design, and marketing. I am ready to help you with WordPress. I can create a new website for you, fix your existing website, or teach you how to use it.
I am perfectly skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and use those programs daily. I can prepare all graphic design parts by myself.
Additionally, I understand coding (HTML, CSS, bit PHP, bit understand MySQL), SEO, and current requirements for a good and safe web.
I have a strong focus on the DIVI theme.
We can have all our meetings via Skype or WhatsApp.